De-worm Orange Flavoured Chewable Tablets 2


Threadworm is highly contagious and is the only common worm infestation found in people in New Zealand and Australia. Threadworm infestation is evident by the presence of tiny white threads around the anal region. Other common symptoms include itching around the anus and the vagina, restless sleep, grinding teeth and irritability. If one family member is found to have threadworms then every family member should be treated

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Active Ingredients:
Mebendazole USP 100mg

For children (2-12 years) and adults – Take one tablet, once. Tablets can be swallowed whole, chewed or crushed into a teaspoon of food.

Not suitable for children under 2 years of age. If you are pregnant seek medical advice before treatment.

Always read the label before use. If symptoms persist, see your local health professional.