Bonjela Teething Gel 15g


Teething is one of the great milestones of your baby’s development and memories of your baby’s first big toothy grin will be treasured forever. Some babies sail through the process and are showing off their first teeth before you know it, but for others it can be a more uncomfortable time, causing distress to both you and your baby.
It’s impossible to tell how your baby will react until that first tooth begins to cut, but we hope that the information and advice provided on this website will help to reassure you and ease you both through the teething process. Within this website you’ll find information on everything from spotting the first signs that your little one is actually teething, to helping them deal with the discomfort to ideas for nutritious meals they can chomp on with their new found teeth!
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Active Ingredients:

Choline salicylate 8.7% w/w
Cetalkonium chloride 0.01% w/w


Apply not more than every 3 hours.


Do not exceed stated application. Preperations containing aspirin should not be given to infants during Bonjela treatement.
Not suitable for babies under 4 months.


Bonjela is a pleasant tasting antiseptic pain relieving gel which relieves pain and discomfort in mouth ulcers and sores, cold sores, infant teething and denture irritation.